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If you're coming to this site you're likely coming from me shilling in a Discord server, which, by then, you should likely already know me. But if you don't, I can go ahead and explain to the best of my ability who I think I am.

My name is sushipantsu, also known as suship, shipan, supan, and whatever other hot takes you have on "sushipantsu". Usually, though, I'm referred to as sushi or suship. My real name is, as you can see below, Jackson Taylor. I'm not the biggest fan of my name, but it's alright. I'm heavily interested in horror (Cry Of Fear, Silent Hill 2, Afraid of Monsters: DC, etc.), music (Weezer, Free Parking!, Ween, etc.), anime (Rolling Girls, Space Patrol Luluco, Evangelion, etc.), and drawing, which you can find here or on my Twitter.

Pictured at the right is a picture of me in the flesh, with glasses on for added effect. Aren't I pretty?

My personal preference for sex on the floor is sex on carpet floors.

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