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As you've most likely noticed if you've kept up to date with any of my social media, I tend to draw quite a bit. Most of my art is digital because I have no good cameras to take pictures of my traditional work. Not all of my recent art will be here, but anything that I have that I think looks good will be here to work as a 'sample' of sorts. If you want the full package, head to my Twitter. More art will be added here soon.

Recently, I have begun work on a comic called "Cry of Fear: Chibi Edition" (abbreviated "CoF:CE"). This is based off of the Silent Hill 2 Chibi Edition comic made by KnickKnack, which held a basic representation of what Silent Hill 2's story was, but kept it up with hilarious jokes, even before/after tense, serious moments. It also helps that lots of the pages in this comic feature some basic but impressive art, all done traditionally.

As of now, CoF:CE is not finished, and it'll likely be a long time before it ever is, but any new pages made will be put up here.

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