Eddie Uzbeki is a violent character whom often goes onto live support pages of sites such as Walmart, and asks for absurd things.

Inspired by my friend Infernal, I started the saga of Eddie Uzbeki in August 2019. Here shall archive all the tales of Eddie, beginning to end.

Chapter 1: Arabic Fuck-Me-Silly [Walmart, 08/11/19]

This is the first adventure of Mr. Uzbeki. It started on Walmart's live support, with Eddie asking for a refund on an "Arabic Fuck-Me-Silly import" that he supposedly got from Walmart. This one is important, not only for starting the chronicles, but for notifying me and others of the fact that all order numbers are 13 digits.

Chapter 2: The Flute [Walmart, 08/12/19]

After travelling to multiple countries and places, Eddie Uzbeki not only adapted the name "Mr. Uzbeki" but started up a music class in a high school in Bangladesh. One of his students, the female 15 year old "Jackalyne Somali"[citation needed], plays the flute, but always forgets it. A mere 5 minutes away from a concert, Mr. Uzbeki desperately attempts to get a big flute or garden hose from Walmart over support, but fails.