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As of writing this, it's 4:31 AM on a school day. I'll have to go in a couple of hours, though I wanted to push one last thing out. Sudden, yes. Heart-wrenching, depends. Sad, also depends. Predictable? Of course.

I'll start it off with something subtle, too! Ahem...

Neocities was never something I found myself very actively coming to. The only times I'd have a creative burst with my website would be when somebody suggested I did and I didn't want to let them down. That's it, though. It wasn't a passion project and it never really has been, or will be. I plain updated the site to hear what people would say about it, and or if people would find it, or me, interesting to listen to. Once this drained out, though, I had nothing to do. I've burnt myself out on album reviews with no thoughts as to what to review or who to ask, my inspirations have run thin, and this is probably pretty anti-climactic, but for now, I'll cut off the activity on this site and keep it under a rug, never to be updated again, for a while now.

I really don't mean to sound self-deprecating, because I'm not, my life is just fine socially, mentally and sorta physically (I do think I'm sorta chubby), but I don't believe that I have the passion, motivation or competence to actively keep up a site like this. Not like there's much to keep up, but when working, I have a tendency to do as much other stuff as possible that's around me rather than work. Sometimes updates would be fun (that Freezepop Forever review for instance, it was incredibly fun ripping and tearing apart that mediocre album) but those were just incredibly short bursts that never lasted more than a day, maybe even half-a-week at most. Putting work into stuff like that just is not worth it when I realized how much I really feel the need to.

So, that's it for now. I didn't have a breakdown or falling-through with anything or anybody, I just feel complete with my site at the moment. Maybe this'll change, but right now, I doubt it. I've still been making art and have been dabbling in music, but updating an entire .html file is much more work than simply tweeting it out. There are more suitable alternatives, is what I'm trying to say. Until (if) then, have fun with your site, and see if you can last without my amazing presence beside you.

Written 12/7/2018

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