Sebadoh's record "Bakesale", for a nice change of pace from my usual reviews, is a very consistent but often samey album. It may actually have the most interesting album cover I've seen in my life, depicting Lou Barlow's one-year-old ass, but I'm the same guy who finds humor out of the cover of "LOAD" by Metallica. Bakesale is often regarded as Sebadoh's most accessible record, and I can see why. There's nothing...scary about this album. It can scream sometimes, but it often stays staid, to say the least. Barlow's singing can cover a wide-enough vocal range, and the track instrumentals are complimented well with those vocals. Is there a lot to say about this album...? Not really, honestly. It's got some great tracks that motivate me, and some tracks that like to scream at me and make me want to take my headphones off. I'm looking at you, Drama Mine.

Bakesale is consistent as consistent can be, though still covers a good amount of sound. Don't be fooled by those compliments though - Bakesale tends to be samey and a lot of tracks take quite a couple of listens to really enjoy. It ain't half bad, but probably not something that everyone will enjoy on the first ever listen. Grower, not a shower.

Rating: B