Late last year, around September, 'edgeywaddev' released the first version of his DOOM II mod, "Edge TC". I reviewed it, and put it up on the ModDB page. A month later, a second version is uploaded to ModDB. Until now, I never actually played it, and as I expected, it's no different from the first version - at least, not visibly. This time I'm playing on how the game was optimized to play; no Doomguy face, and in OpenGL rendering. Let's see if my opinion changes this time.

First off, Edge is extremely short. I'm talking around 10 minutes, less than 10 minutes, really. This is because in the maps, there's no real incentive to go through everything. There's no one set path for where you're supposed to go, which I suppose would be fine if this game were more open world, but it also makes it so you don't really have to shoot and kill things unless they're trying to kill you. But, y'know, killing things is what a massacre game is for, so I tried to kill a lot of the civillians. My issue with killing civillians, though, is not only that it drains your ammo, but it's incredibly unsatisfying. Clunky, slow animations with hardly any movement, they look somewhat juxtaposed to everything else, and even with the ketchup mod included with the mod's download, I never found much satisfaction or excitement out of draining my ammo for some optional pedestrians. I'd argue it's only worth it to kill the cops - especially the SWAT team and Elite Guards.

The spritework is...okay. It's flat, really. Nothing wrong with being minimalist, but it's boring to look at most of the time, and as I mentioned before, it has a tendency to look juxtaposed with the higher quality guns and gore. If you're gonna make just most of it pixel art, then make all of it pixel art. A mix could work, but I wouldn't say that the mix worked well here. The shooting sprites and animations especially look sloppy; the gun firing sprites literally just put an orange circle near the barrel. It doesn't look explosive, it just looks lazy. Speaking of laziness and flatness, how about the map designs?

The map designs are, you guessed it, lazy and flat. Almost all these maps look like something I'd make on a superflat Minecraft world at age 6. They're so...generic. Not ugly, just boring, like the spritework. It's so bland that there's almost nothing to say about it.

Sprinkled throughout the mod is a plethora of issues. Major unbalance and frustration with the enemies and their placements, even in the normal mode, making me just wanna run to the obvious end of the level without having to deal with them, unsatisfying-to-kill enemies and pedestrians, et cetera. Not only that, but this doesn't deserve to be called a 'total conversion mod'. A total conversion mod would replace absolutely every asset with something original, whether that be reskinning it, remaking it, doing anything to it to call it your own. It's obvious to tell that there are many DOOM II assets everywhere. If this were a TC, that wouldn't be the case. A bit nitpicky and lies more into the difficulty and or skill of the player, but the amount of healing items is just unbearable. They're too few and far between despite what feels like hundreds of enemies being placed in every single level.

One thing I did particularly enjoy though, was the decent variety in guns, and their use. Every gun felt pretty alright, nothing was super wrong with how they felt, my problem with them only lies in their sprites. I think a good enough amount of ammo is placed around the map, and the enemies drop a good enough amount of ammo. Fair.

Edge does not much more than scream and shout about how it's a clunky, unbalanced baby's-first-DOOM-wad. It shines through in just about every aspect, and if some more time and care were put into optimization for different displays and rendering, enemy placement and damage, item placement, animation and spritework, et cetera, it'd be a pretty decent mod. As is, though, I wouldn't reccomend it much.

Click on the image below to go to the ModDB page for Edge TC.

Rating: F+