Debut album "In Free Fall" by aphrodisiac is an interesting, sometimes-quiet sometimes-loud record, for sure. It's got a deep vibe, and that deep vibe manages to span across every track in it's own different way - the silliness of "Apologies to the Disco Jellyfish" somehow fits the meaningless title, the breathy, calming air of "Looking Up" keeping me relaxed, along with the bittersweet, crunchy melancholy of "Kaden". Even if these are the 3 most prominent tracks in my listens, I do really enjoy the charm that "At Ghostgrove Point" laid on me, along with the fast noisiness of "A Crush of Bodies".

"In Free Fall" is stylish. Even besides the crunchy, relatively mysterious images on the cover and insert, "In Free Fall" has it's own unique appeal. Despite this, though, I did have a couple gripes with a couple tracks. I found This Nadir to be forgettable, and Chimerical to be relatively staid. Overall? Dreamy. Wonder how the guy in the voicemail in "Kaden" will react to it being put in the record...

Rating: A

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