Intig's debut album "Empty" is like a snapshot of someone's life that, right now, looks pretty edgy and cool, but in the future, I guarantee that Andreas Rönnberg is probably gonna find it incredibly cringy. Then again, he's been keeping up this "i cut 1-inch deep into my wrists" sorta attitude for years now, and it's seeped into a few of his video games, especially Cry of Fear. As for the album itself? It's Swedish metal, just like every other Swedish band. All of the songs, except for tracks 5 and 7, are in English. These tracks feature some very hard drops, with loud drumming and chilling riffs that seal the depressing tone of the vibe of this record. Every track is like a monologue of sorts, with no real rhyming lyrics. And while this isn't a terrible thing, there are many missed opportunities due to this. The lyrics are forgettable, mostly regarding somebody finding themselves worthless, hating everyone around them, and, even with Andreas at 24 years old when this record was released, acting like a teenager who's a decade younger than Andreas.

At the very least, this album is serviceable. It's an okay introduction to metal (which is what I used it as), and for a little obscure band, it's surprisingly good. Truth is though, if Andreas Rönnberg wasn't ruMpel (creator of Afraid of Monsters, Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut, and Cry of Fear), this band would likely get less than the already tiny, as of writing this, 300+ monthly listeners it has on Spotify.

Rating: B