The EP released alongside the single "My Iron Lung" by Radiohead on the album The Bends is a bit of an underrated Radiohead classic. It's one that nobody but the hardcore fans care about, and the hardcore fans aren't even really hardcore about this EP. It covers a decent amount of melodies and interesting, sometimes noisy styles of music, with mysterious lyrics. It really works as the perfect bridge between Pablo Honey and The Bends, though it's still not as grungey as Pablo Honey (don't tell me Pablo Honey isn't grunge, that's just what Thom wants you to think).

The EP starts with "My Iron Lung" - of course, but the first example of "is this really Radiohead?" comes in on the second track, "The Trickster", known for being noisy and loud compared to a good amount of Radiohead's other music. It continues going with some "okay, this sorta sounds like Radiohead" tracks, calming the EP down with fast, catchy and punky songs with a couple of calmer tracks mixed in. It ends off on a strong note with "You Never Wash Up After Yourself" - wait, no, the real final track is actually some flat, headache-inducing solo rendition of Creep. The EP is a good dose of Radiohead's wilder early side, all in a short 28 minutes. Big reccomendation.

Rating: A