Shoegaze has never really interested me, though just this one time, I decided to give Starflyer 59's "Gold" a couple of listens, due to mariteaux asking me to review it. I'm very happy with what I listened to! Despite my lack of interest in shoegaze, this broad, dark album had an incredible power with all of it's guitar-driven layers. I guarantee, if you stripped a few, maybe even just one, of these layers, most songs would lose their value. This really isn't normal guitar feedback, but it adds to the quality of the absurd, and almost sad songs here. The flexibility of it gives it the qualities of being able to be listened to during anything, and I love it when, not just a song, but an entire album can achieve that effect.

While I won't go in much on the backstory of this album, because I don't believe it's important, it does let you look at the album in a different light when you fully understand the story behind it, and how Jason Martin's band just left him, as he lived in the studio for about a month producing the album. It got to the point where he was outside with the studio owner and said "this is the first time I've gone outside in ten days". This is especially bizarre because Jason is no shut-in, he's a completely normal person, but this album made him go that far. When you realize all of this, listening to the songs on this great record are hardly the same as they were before.

...and, yes, that is the actual album cover.

Rating: A