Taboo VI: The Homecoming is the first cassette tape released under the "The Mountain Goats" name, and, like most other first albums by most other artists, is my favorite Mountain Goats album. The whole album almost gives off fever dream-like vibes - it's nothing like shoegaze, but the horrible sound quality and the slow acoustic guitar, even in the more fast, loud tracks, is calming. It feels isolated and cold, though not depressing.

Side A can get relatively chaotic, and while it's not as fucky as the entirety of "Montage Of Heck" by Kurt Cobain, you could tell Darnielle was having fun. "Move (Chicago 196x)" is arguably the silliest track on the tape, with the same lyrics over and over again, and Spanish movie audio played at the end, which is...kind of eerie, honestly. "This Magic Moment" is one of the faster tracks on the tape, and I think is the track that solidified my love for Taboo VI - I could listen to it for hours.

Side B starts off with the much more passionate "One Winter At Alpha Privative", with a catchy riff and vocals that blend together perfectly. "Solomon Revisited" feels like a perfect end to the tape, being a longer track than the others, however Shrimper liked the next 3 songs, "Going To Alaska", "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", and "Eleven Bands" so much that they decided to put them on the tape. Out of the nearly-aborted three, "Going To Alaska" is the most remarkable. It began John's long-going "Going To" series, and despite having a somewhat goofy chord progression, it has just straight creepy lyrics, because, truly, when you're in Alaska, the animals can kill you in silence so nobody can hear them.

Rating: A