Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea (which will now be referred to as Wadanohara, fuck off with that long title) is a game that was great at the beginning, meh in the middle, but picked things up severely well around the end. Baby-easy, pixel art style, stupidly good looking character designs - this game at first glance isn't much different from any other Deep-Sea Prisoner games. It's not my favorite, but honestly? I'd say it's the best so far. Character and art wise, it's got the best of the 3 DSP games. Though I've never been a fan of it's story, or endings.

Wadanohara's story is the most developed, thought-out story, but just because it's thought-out doesn't mean it's great. Hitler thought before he said "GAS THOSE FUCKERS" but y'know what came out of that? Jew jokes, sure, those are funny, but he just killed so, so many innocent little sheckle-hogs. That's no good. What makes me not like the story that much is that it's just...a mess. I can't follow it, no matter how much I read into the dialogue, it just feels like it's doing too much and trying to seperate itself from all the others too much. The endings are sad, which is good because they did what they wanted to, and the true ending really did get a couple of tears out of me, I'll admit, but that doesn't change how unnessecary a couple of them are - the big 2 being Normal Ending 1 and Bad Ending 2. Those two are just completely out of left field and had no place in the story at the times they could come.

There's not a lot I can say on the gameplay. It's standard RPG Maker turn-based combat, but the thing that turns me off most is how EASY it is. There's only one boss that made me think "okay, this guy is actually a little intimidating" and that's kind of a problem, in my opinion. It makes the fighting feel like padding more than anything, and hooo boy, let's talk about PADDING in Wadanohara!

The endings drag on for so long, sure, that's one thing, but the dialogue? If I had a fucking nickel for every time a character just said nothing but "..." randomly. For no reason. If I had a fucking nickel for every time a character said something useless, or replied with 30 pieces of dialogue to say something that they could have said in just 1. For no reason. What's the point? I do enjoy the dialogue in this game, but not when it's just shamelessly padding the conversations out, the conversations tending to be pretty big parts of the game. Lame. Boring. Repetitive. Makes me just wanna skip the dialogue.

Wadanohara, despite being what I'd say is Deep-Sea Prsioner's best, is still flawed. Not much, but those few flaws are deep and painful to look at. And while it really does sound like I'm shitting on this game, I did enjoy it quite a bit, and I'm happy I could play it and finally beat it after so long.

Dolphi x Samekichi > Wadanohara x Samekichi. Fight me.

Click on the image below to download Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea off of vgperson's website.

Rating: B-